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Denis Biography

Name: Denis Nagulin
Date of Birth: 27.11.1992
Nationality: Russian
Profession: Pilot
Since: 2007

Denis Nagulin born in November 27th, 1992 in St. Petersburg. His passion for cars began with the irresponsible age; a child was very fond of Denis steer while sitting on the lap of his father. Four years later he became a party to an accident, drove into the sand on the VAZ-21099 car and scratches. In 1999 he went to school - St. Petersburg High School "Alma Mater", where he successfully studied for 11 years. In the early 2000s he engaged in extreme driving school, "Moiseev-Grahov" at the St. Petersburg moto track for six months, where he left after an unpleasant incident at one of the domestic competitions.
For a long time he was looking for where he could continue the classes, but found nothing then he stopped searching. His memory took him to his earlier childhood about 6 years he spent it in Tennis, he loved to dive and swim, so at the same time in the early 2000s, after his father became interested in scuba diving his passion took him into Technical Diving. Later in 2008 he return to the professional auto sports. The word "hit" right in this situation is best, because it happened quite by accident. One winter evening, after school, traveling on the Internet stumbled upon a photo of her classmate Kulibaba Leonid - a sports car (the cups Lada 2112), with his name on the board. It turned out that the summer of 2007 he took part in the Championship of Russia on RTCC circuit races in the St. Petersburg team "Jackpot" - multiple champion of Leningrad region and Rally two-time champion of Russia on road circuit races. After meeting with the team, and after some discussion he decided to adopt Denis Nagulin and he became a part of the team and start training. On the same period, the team made several trips to Moscow to Myachkovo Autodrome, where Denis first got behind the wheel race vehicle (ring-race VW Polo GTi). As a result, the team decided to roll up into just three classes RTCC: "National" (Lada 2112) - Leonid Kulibaba and Igor Locusts, "Touring" (Seat Leon) - Nikita Vasilyev, "Touring-Light" (WV Polo GTi) - Denis Nagulin.
It was the first racing season for Denis. Denis only took part in three stages: Kursk and two in Moscow, Luzhniki Stadium around. The same winter the car Lada 2112 participated in the winter circuit racing. In 2009, Denis was the only pilot. Nagulin team "Jackpot. Autosport Russia in the year did not promise anything interesting and Denis with a coach Sergei Pavlov and engineers George and Eugene Losev decided to take part in the Finnish Championship in the class of ACG" Legends Trophy ", on the basis of the team took 24th place out of 32. It was the first truly full racing season for Denis. In the winter season 2009-2010 Denis returned to St. Petersburg and with moto track already home to the team of Denis 'Jackpot' on the car Lada 2112 became vice Nagulin champion of the North-West of Russia track ice racing. That same winter Denis gained his first victory - it was a rally-sprint on lifting the siege of Leningrad held at Luga. Then again Nagulin Denis was the first, but on the race moto track dedicated on March 8.
In addition, in 2010, Denis has shown from high school to the Institute of Hospitality Glion in Switzerland. In the season 2010 team, "Jackpot" was renamed "Skand-Jackpot" and again took part in the Championship of Finland in the same class. This season became more successful, the team of Denis took enough good positions, the best of which - 8th and at the end of the season "Skand-Jackpot" took 18th place out of 43. And on the stage of the tandem series of Russian and Finnish Legends Trophy, among the Russian pilots Denis Nagulin led by a large margin. On one of the fall 2010 final stages a series meeting held between Denis Nagulin and Italy's Emanuele Dall'oste sports manager, shortly thereafter received an invitation to the tests in the Italian team Cram Competition. In winter 2010-2011, Denis was involved in the Championship of Russia on ice circuit races again in the team "Skand-Jackpot" which had all the chances in high places, has not yet made a final decision to move to the formula that made him stop the Russian season and start preparing for tight European competition. By the way, for the same reason Denis Nagulin lost the championship of the North-West of Russia on ice track racing, where he also participated this winter and led the way with a good margin, but skip the last stages of the deposed Denis at the second position.
Season 2011 turned out to Denis difficult, however, he does not lose hope and we hope that soon we will see him in Formula 1 racing. In his free time, Denis enjoys traveling, that he loves since his childhood.